Robert Medof

How to sell your house as quickly as possible for the most money possible

While differences among home sellers abound, the majority share the same basic goal: Sell the home as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. Many  prudent sellers weigh the pros and cons of attempting to sell the home as a “For Sale By Owner” or hiring a Real Estate Agent to sell their home for them. The major advantage that proponents of FSBO cite is the cost savings of doing it yourself.  The perceived savings in not having a listing agent’s fee is often outweighed by the higher sale price that a professionally marketed and negotiated home sale can bring. Even after all fees are paid, selling a home with a realtor can often yield a higher net amount of money to the seller compared to FSBO.While this alone might be enough reason to list with a professional, once the hassle factor of selling a home without a realtor, the potential of avoiding costly DIY mistakes, and the likely decreased time on the market are factored in, there is little reason not to chose to list with a realtor.   Las Vegas’s hot real estate market in the last couple of years has seen many homes receive multiple offers within the first week of listing. Craigslist, a sign out front and the newspaper will likely not yield these results. A dedicated realtor will make sure your house gets maximum exposure to all market segments. At the Westwood Group LLC we utilize the MLS and 100’s of websites, classified sections, yard signs, open houses, search engine marketing, word of mouth, and many other techniques to get your home sold at the right price and at the right time. Please consider the Westwood Group LLC when it comes time to sell your home or business.


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